Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

Your Adventures Include

3 full Audio CD's of Adventures and Education with grand Orchestrations! Making puppets from two old socks and acting out the dialog in the adventures!


23 Simple Sound Effects and Songs to play with Horace (all on the black notes)!


17 Drawings to trace and color (Andrea Octopus playing the Timpani is just one)!


9 Real World Adventures such as finding Denver on the map and learning to dial 911! 13 Story Illustrations with incredible Graphics (laminated for extra durability)!

How it Works

Incredible price only $40.00

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Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

…an imaginative approach: dramatic stories and innovative simple songs a young child can immediately play. The performer will be delighted in the "Adventures" they create with sound.
Janell Whitby - Nationally recognized teacher of preschool music

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